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Selected Swedish links

The links on this page is selected by Linkster. They leads to web sites localized in Sweden, but their language can be Swedish or English. - Get more links at Other Swedish links and International links
(sve) = In Swedish   (eng) = In English   (sve/eng) = Bilingual


Pleasure, games and amusement

Technical, science and popular science

Internet related, activity on the Internet

Portals, private, communities and blogs

E-trade, shopping and stores

Language, society, travel and service

Link archive, link collections and start pages

Finances and real estate

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In hypertext systems a link is a reference to another document of any kind. The link take you to an other document when you click on it. World Wide Web is a hypertext system. In the 1960s Ted Nelson invented a special type of database system, in which objects (text, pictures, music, programs, and so on) can be creatively linked to each other. Clicking on a name might cause various illustrations to appear on the screen.

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